Rune Alver Pianist

"Rune Alver has done a great work in bringing into light Signe Lund’s music. In my ears her music could not have a better ambassador. He plays with warmth and naturalness. He is honest. He approaches these simple pieces with complexity ... you immediately hear how flexibly and vividly he explores her musical universe." Impromptu – Works by the young Signe Lund


Rune Alver Pianist

"the roaring cords produce interesting displacements of the melody, emphasized by Alver´s playful phrasing and generous pedaling. Generally, Alver makes the most out of her musical ideas. Never timid in his approach to the keyboard he adds the drive and power needed... The pianist Rune Alver reveals the best qualities of Signe Lund´s piano music." Études poétiques, Works by Signe Lund.


Rune Alver Pianist

"A special musical voice. The music is lyrical, and the pianist Rune Alver puts the piano pieces in a most favorable light. Once again he shows his fine pianistic and musical qualities..." Études poétiques, Works by Signe Lund

TROND ERIKSEN, Den Klassiske Musikkbloggen

Rune Alver Pianist

"Rune Alver reveals fine pianistic and musical moments in these shorter pieces. His playing is crystal clear and his dissemination of these romantic pieces is gorgeous". Signe Lund: Études Poétiques.

Den Klassiske cd-bloggen

Rune Alver Pianist

"For the first time ever his piano pieces now get on CD, nicely interpreted by the pianist Rune Alver, who once more shows courage and will to highlight unknown parts of our musical heritage". Catharinus Elling: A Love Poem.

Sjur Haga Bringeland, DAG OG TID

Rune Alver Pianist

"Although only one of the pieces is called Et Kjærlighetsdikt, Rune Alver plays them all med kjærlighet – some with the kind of delicacy with which you cradle a young bird in your hand – "

Martin Anderson, Klassisk Musikkmagasin

Rune Alver Pianist

«Bergen pianist Rune Alver has just released his album “Le nouveau Grieg”. It features his playing of Grieg’s Norwegian Peasant Dances and Lyric Pieces on Grieg’s grand piano at Troldhaugen. A wonderful, richly nuanced Grieg album»

Richly Nuanced Grieg Interpretations

Rune Alver Pianist

«He unites intellectual stringency with a personal approach – which make his concerts very stimulating experiences»

Norwegian State Academy of Music.

Rune Alver Pianist

«Grieg taken seriously. Where Andsnes is uninvolved and predictable, Alver sounds deep and plays with decesive accentuation of the transistions between the shifting themes»

Arnstein Olaisen, Haugesunds Avis.

Rune Alver Pianist

«Without wishing to detract from the merits of previous performance at Troldhaugen in the couse of this year's Bergen International Festival, Alver's art of accompaniment is perhaps the finest we have heard»

Harald Kolstad, Arbeiderbladet.

Rune Alver Pianist

«His interpretations, free of the exaggerated sentimentality which is often associated with Grieg's music in Russia, fully openened up Edvard Grieg's world of music for the Russian audience»

Parliament's Magazine, Moskow.

Rune Alver Pianist

«Rune Alver infuses life into the music in a tasteful manner through his pleasing handling of sound and his spirited playing»

Espen Selvik, BT.

Rune Alver Pianist

«And how Alver can play! Crystal clear, with absolute fidelity to the score, rhythmically vibrant, with strong emotional expression, through never exaggerated, never sentimental, and always with clear ideas and principle»

Mogens Wenzel Andreassen, Det nye High Fidelity. 

Rune Alver Pianist

«With insistent senitivity, Alver presented us with the picturesque, immediate and romantic world of the composer Edvard Grieg, known for his inimitable harmonies»

Vera Finotti Andreani, La Gazetta di Casalpalocco

Rune Alver

Rune Alver has many years of experience performing Grieg’s music at the Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen. He maintains an extensive concert schedule as soloist and chamber musician with performances throughout Europe and in Russia, China and South Africa. In 2013 he performed a solo recital at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  

Rune Alver collaborates with leading musicians, actors and visual artists in traditional and more experimental contexts. He has recorded a number of critically acclaimed albums, among them the complete piano works of Johannes M. Rivertz and David Monrad Johansen. The CD Et kjærlighetsdikt (A Love Poem) with music by Catharinus Elling was released in 2019. Recently the complete piano music by the female Norwegian composer Signe Lund was released in three albums. 

Some important performances

Glinka Music Museum (Moscow)
Rachmaninov Concert Hall (Moscow)
Sviatoslav Richter Museum (Moscow)
Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall (New York)
Urness Recital Hall (Minnesota)
Invalides, Salon d'Honneur (Paris)
Radio France (Paris)
Conservatoire Maurice Ravel Levallois Perret (Paris)
Joseph-Joachim-Konzertsaal (Berlin)
Kammersaal Universität der Künste (Berlin)
Mendelssohn Haus (Leipzig)
Grieg-Begegnungsstätte (Leipzig)
Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Leipzig)
White Box Museum Chaoyang District (Beijing)
TCG Nordica (Kunming)
Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen (Bergen)
Harald Sæverud Museum Siljustøl (Bergen)
Fartein Valen Heimen (Valevåg)
Bergen International Festival (Bergen)
Festspillene i Nord-Norge (Harstad)
Belfast International Arts Festival (Belfast)
Sumartonar (Faroe Islands)
Lund-dagene (Farsund)
Hamsundagene (Hamarøy)


Fedrenes Fjell album, David Monrad Johansen, Rune Alver - piano

Fedrenes fjell

David Monrad Johansen (1888-1970) Complete piano music

Lawo classics LWC 1101, Recorded in Sofienberg Church 2016

Jolasong album, Rune Alver piano, Toralv Maurstad forteller


Norwegian Christmas music from different periods. Christmas texts read by Toralv Maurstad.

Lawo classics 2013, LWC 1055. Recorded in Sofienberg and Jar churches 2012/13

Spill og Dans album, Rune Alver, piano


Johannes M. Rivertz (1902-88) complete piano music

Lawo classics LWC 1043, recorded in Sofienberg Church, Oslo 2012

Blaue Blume album, Chopin, Schumann, Aagard-Nilsen, Rune Alver piano

Blaue Blume

Piano Works by Chopin, Schumann and Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen.

Lawo Classics LWC 1019, recorded in Sofienberg Church, Oslo 2010

Le Nouveau Grieg, Rune Alver, piano

Le Nouveau Grieg

Visionary Masterpieces by the mature Edvard Grieg

TROLD 21 / MUDI 2092. Recorded on Edvard Grieg's grand piano in the villa 2007

Mountain Dance album, Rune Alver, piano

Mountain Dance

Visionary Masterpieces by the young Edvard Grieg

TROLD 20 / MUDI 2110. Recorded in the Troldsalen 2003


Richly Nuanced Grieg Interpretations

«Bergen pianist Rune Alver has just released his album “Le nouveau Grieg”. It features his playing of Grieg’s Norwegian Peasant Dances and Lyric Pieces on Grieg’s grand piano at Troldhaugen. A wonderful, richly nuanced Grieg album»

Nina Krohn, NRK Classical

No Smallfry at the Piano

«Pianist Rune Alver is no smallfry. In his concert at the University of Oslo’s Great Hall he succeeded in impressing the audience with both his piano technique and his ability to shape the music. Today he can be counted among the cream of young Norwegian pianists.»

Torkil Baden, VG


«[...] Rune Alver´s playing is really good, pointed, varied and serious.»

Erling Sandmo, Morgenbladet

No Smallfry at the Piano

«Convincing Schumann interpretation by Rune Alver. Schumann’s Fantasie Op. 17 is dedicated to Liszt who was of the opinion that the piece was not suitable for public presentation. Rune Alver does not share this opinion. On this new CD, his interpretive imagination illuminates the wild, frenzied qualities that must have once brought on Liszt’s hesitation. We hear unabashed romantic yearning and passion, ruins, fragments and irony – all wrapped in a delicate musical articulation. In the first movement, Alver keeps up the tension through all the wave movements right into the concluding Beethoven quotation. He also successfully brings out the contrast between the wild Florestan and the mild Eusebius in the two subsequent movements where Schumann portrays his split personality.

There is more romance on the album – two melancholy pieces by Chopin, his Mazurka Op. 6 No. 1, and Ballade No. 3 in A flat major. The final track is Blue Traces by Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen – a lyrical contemporary composition that fits perfectly with the romantic context»

Peter Larsen, Bergen Tidende

«Rune Alver’s piano performance concluded with a piece entitled “Lyssna”, a modern-sounding number by Arne Nordheim, which understandably promted cheerul smiles among the listeners. Alver was an exceptionally talented pianist both as soloist and as accompanist»


«Rune Alver has launched his sixth solo CD - and again it must be said that his pianistic performance is of prime quality. [...] »

Trond Erikson, Den klassiske CD-bloggen

«[...] I thought I posessed a more or less correct image of composer Monrad Johansen, but after listening to this CD, I must admit that I have underestimated him. [...]»

Martin Anderson, Klassisk musikkmagasin

«The pianist Rune Alver offers a Master´s playing [...]

Even though it is a studio recording, "Spill og Dans" to a large extent conveys the soul of a live concert.»

Per Ivar Henriksbø, Gulbrandsdølen

Good playing - superbe music

«David Monrad Johansen’s (1888-1974) music is an important contribution to Norwegian music literature. Rune Alver now has collected his piano music on the CD "Fedrenes Fjell". The recording is good and important. [...]The music is clearly inspired by folk music - it is easy to appreciate, and it lifts our traditional music onto another musical level. [...]»

Trond Erikson, Den klassiske CD-bloggen

«Rune Alver gave the ultimate proof of his high artistic level in his magnificent interpretation of Beethoven's Sonata in B-major, The Hammerklavier Sonata, one of the greatest works of its kind in Music Literature. Here he fully mastered the great span between for instance the energetically demanding Allegro of the first movement and the uniquely beautiful third movement. Here Rune Alver presented convincing evidence of his willingness and ability to form, which is characteristic trait of all major muscians»

A. Chr. Meyer, Morgenavisen Bergen

«It is especially the rhythmic drive in some of the Norwegian Peasant Dances that is the distinctive feature of this album. One good example is “Jon Væstafæs Springar”, in which Rune Alver treads the bass line in a refreshing and elegant three-quarter time, while letting the right hand trill and sing like a light-hearted dairymaid at the summer chalet»

Nina Krohn, NRK Classical

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